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Enhance the SPN/DOGE Market

We have to face the reality that the SPN/LTC market price below 0.00000010 is dangerous, I have experienced a lot of time to know that. When the price dumps into 0.00000010 trap, the rate of return or rate of loss will rise up to at least 10%, more it dumps below, more high rate it arrives. When it comes to 0.00000002 and 0.00000001, the return rate or loss rate will be 50% or 100%. What's wrong with it? There is only 8 positions after the dot! There is no price between 0.00000010 and 0.00000009, ..., no price between 0.00000002 and 0.00000001! In other words, seldom market platform will provide such an exchange, they are seeking for profit. One solution is that the market set an exchange unit, such as kSPN/LTC, and another solution is that the market provide DOGE/SPN exchange.

When I said SPN/DOGE here I mean buy or sell SPN with DOGE. DOGE/SPN has the opposite meaning.

We have to face the reality and face the reality, to exchange SpartanCoin at the doge market. SPN/DOGE never have a chance to dump into 0.00000010 trap, as such a price range are too low to so easy to pump.

The only want is to narrrow the price gap of buy and sell orders.

Buy SpartanCoin from SPN/DOGE market:



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