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Build Asio (non-boost) On FreeBSD

Asio Fossil Mirror From Github

Build Asio (non-boost) On FreeBSD

1. Install Required tools/libs

$ doas pkg install bmake boost-libs autoconf automake


2. Create xjail filesystem (Suggest)

If use zfs (suppose your root zfs pool is tank):
$ doas zfs create tank/xjail
$ doas zfs set mountpoint=/xjail tank/xjail

If use ufs:

$ doas mkdir /xjail


3. Clone asio code from this github

$ git clone --depth=1 asio
$ cd asio


4. Build asio c++ network library

$ ./
$ ./configure --prefix=/xjail/local --with-boost=/usr/local/include --enable-boost-coroutine
$ bmake LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -L/usr/local/lib"
$ doas bmake install

Build asio without boost!

* Define ASIO_STANDALONE on the compiler option.

* Set -std=c++17 on the compiler option. Suggest set them in /etc/make.conf:

# /etc/make.conf
CXXFLAGS += -stdlib=libc++ -std=c++17

Define ASIO_STANDALONE in /etc/make.conf will let all the Makefiles in the system use this macro, but you still need to define it if you use clang++ command line:

method 1: clang++ -DASIO_STANDALONE

method 2: Write #define ASIO_STAND_ALONE in your c++ source code.

Build Asio Now:

$ ./
$ ./configure --prefix=/xjail/local --without-boost
$ bmake
$ doas bmake install
  • asio has been installed to /xjail/local/include now. Asio is header-only library.
  • Q: Why not use ports or pkg asio?
    A: It lacks some critical features.




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