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Using CXX as C++

Using CXX as C++ will make you programming a little relax. C++ has two "+" symbols which let us sometimes annoyed to type with keyboard, cxx only contain latin letters that is awesome! Another candidate is CPP, but CPP maybe mean "C PreProcessor" in some situations. So why not use CXX as C++ Programming Language anywhere?

Step 1:

Copy C++ Compiler program as cxx, on FreeBSD the compiler is clang++ or c++, Copy it as your system:

# cd /usr/bin
# cp clang++ cxx

Other choices:

alias cxx="/usr/bin/clang++"

ln -s clang++ cxx

Step 2:

Using .cxx as your C++ programming language suffix, and compile it:

$ vim prog.cxx
$ cxx prog.cxx -stdlib=libc++ -std=c++17 -lc++experimental -o prog

Step 3:

Using .cxx in your Makefile. Your Makefile maybe already support .cxx c++ suffix, you only need to write .cxx when it needs to write .cpp. However if your Makefile doesn't support .cxx suffix, you can edit the Makefile rule settings:

.SUFFIXES: .cxx .sh .mksh
    cp ${.IMPSRC} ${.TARGET}
    chmod +x ${.TARGET}

You doesn't need to set the .cxx Makefile rule if your Makefile already support it!

.SUFFIXES: .cxx .sh .mksh - add to the suffixes list.

.cxx.o: and the following - setup the build rules for your custom suffixes.

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